Lila Love - Step Daughter Home for Spring Break (Part 1-3)

Lila Love - Step Daughter Home for Spring Break (Part 1-3)
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<p>I pull my wife, Cory Chase, aside, so I can tell her about my step-daughter, Lila Love, who has a sex addiction. She is horny all the time and she will have sex with anyone, male or female! I (Luke Longly) warn Cory to be on the lookout, and to not fight Lila if she gets horny for her pussy. A few moments later, I walked into Lila's room to greet her. I ask her if the therapist helped her with her sex addiction at all. She tells me that it didn't work and she's still horny all the time! It doesn't take long for Lila to strip naked in front of me. I can feel my cock starting to grow in my pants, so I pull my cock out and she starts to suck my cock. Once my cock is nice and hard, she lies down on her bed and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I cum deep inside of her pussy and then I run off to go check on Cory... </p>

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<p>When I walk into the living room, my step-daughter asks me if I want to play a game with her. I ask her what the game is called and she tells me to guess whether she's wearing panties or no panties. If I guess correctly, then I get to have sex with her! I look at her in her purple dress and I decide that my final answer will be: no panties. She tells me that I am correct, and I won! She lifts her dress up, exposing her pussy to me. I take my cock out from under my pants and I slap her pussy with my cock to make it hard. While we are fucking on the dining room table, my wife Cory walks into the room! At first I am nervous she will be upset, but she sits down at the table so she can watch us fuck. Lila stands up and I start to fuck her pussy from behind, against the table, while my wife continues to watch us. Cory pulls her big tits out and she rubs Lila's clit while I am fucking her pussy. When I am done using my step-daughter's pussy, I ask my wife to make me some lunch! </p>

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After lunch, I notice that my step-daughter is sitting on our black, leather couch wearing nothing but dark pink lingerie. Lila asks me if I want to play another game with her, since the last game was so much fun! This time, the game is going to be where she dares me to not pull out of her pussy. She wants me to creampie her! She strips out of her bra and panties, before she starts to give me a blowjob. While my cock is in her mouth, Cory comes up behind us and my wife is also completely naked! I guess my wife wants to join in on the fun! Lila gets into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her pussy from behind while Cory watches us. Lila gets on top of me and she rides my cock in the cowgirl position while Cory licks Lila's nipples. Lila lies down on the couch, with her head on Cory's body, while I fuck Lila's pussy. I am not going to creampie Lila this time though, because I want to cum in her mouth! When I am ready to cum, I have her open up her mouth wide and I jerk my cock off into her mouth. Then she kisses her step-mother so they can share my cum!
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